Monday, July 22, 2013

One Month!

This sweet little girl is one month old. Time seemed to just creep by towards the end of my pregnancy and it felt like it was taking forever for her to get here but now that she is here time is flying by! I've said this so many times but Brooklyn is just SO sweet. She is always so happy. When she is upset she usually lets out a cute little squeal. Each month I plan on taking a picture of her in the bumbo and also next to the stuffed dog (I didn't have anything more girly!)  so I can tell how much she's grown from one month to another.

She has started smiling and cooing and it melts our hearts! When she gets excited she does a cute little "cough." When she was born we didn't think she could get any cuter but now that she is smiling  and talking to us we are even more in love with our happy little girl! :)

Siblings... Take THREE!

I know that all I have been doing lately is posting a million pictures but I want them all in my blog book! Nathan's boss's wife heard that I had been wanting to get a good picture of all of my kids together but was having a hard time getting them to cooperate. She offered to come over and give it a try. We were able to get a few good pictures before they... or just Jayden... was no longer interested in posing for the camera! Conner is easily persuaded by dangling a piece of candy in front of him but no amount of bribing will get Jayden to do something that he does not want to do!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Siblings... Take 2

I really wanted a picture of all three of my kids together and since we didn't get one while Whit was here I decided to do a little photo shoot of my own when the kids were in better moods. The boys were both loving on their baby sister and were both begging to hold her... so sweet! Although I got some cute shots, I didn't get any with all three kids looking at the camera... who knew it would be so difficult! haha!

Maternity Flashback

Back when I was 30 weeks pregnant Whit offered to take some maternity pictures of me. At the time I felt huge and didn't really feel like posing for the camera but now I'm glad I have them!   

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


When Whit was here she got some cute pictures of the boys individually...
but when we tried to get one of all three of the kids together, they weren't the most cooperative...and this was the best shot we ended up with. Little stinkers! Good thing they are cute. :)

Brooklyn's Newborn Pictures!

Nathan's sister Whitney is the best and drove up when Brooklyn was 10 days old to take her pictures. They turned out fantastic! And I think that she is pretty adorable as well... :)